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1. APPLICATION: A completed set of applications along with a non-refundable application fee of $50.00 per resident must be submitted. In the event that an application is rejected or the requested unit is not available the application fee will be refunded in full.
2. LEASE AGREEMENT: Residents will be signing a "joint and several" lease. This means that each resident is responsible for all the rent for the apartment. Gruber Management does not offer individual leases and uses a Rental Lease Agreement and Addendum that has been approved by the University of Michigan. A parent or guardian may be required to co-sign the lease for each resident.
3. FIRST RENTAL PAYMENT: The first periodic rental payment is paid in full at the time of signing the lease.
4. SECURITY DEPOSIT: The security deposit is the equivalent of one and one-half times what is commonly referred to as the "monthly" rate. This deposit is not used as the "last month's rent". The entire deposit is due as follows:
Leases beginning in Spring: Deposit due on signing
Leases beginning in Fall: Deposit due July 1, 2023
5. TIMELY PAYMENT REBATE: If all payments are made when due, 1% of the deposit amount will be paid in the form of a rent rebate when the security deposit is returned.
6. MOVE-IN & MOVE-OUT DATES: Standard Spring leases begin at noon on Tuesday, May 2, 2023 and end at noon on Friday, April 26, 2024. Standard Fall leases begin at noon Friday, August 25, 2023 and end at noon Friday, August 16, 2024. Total rent for these lease periods will be twelve times what is commonly referred to as the "monthly" rate.
7. ANIMALS: To maintain acceptable health and safety standards, pets, including visitors' pets, are not allowed in the rental unit, not even for a few minutes. THIS MEANS NO ANIMALS OF ANY KIND! Please do not ask that exceptions be made to this policy.
8. SMOKING: In the interest of health, safety and cleanliness, the lease includes a clause in which residents agree not to smoke, vape or burn incense, nor to permit visitors to do so in or on the premises.
9. INSURANCE: The insurance carried by Gruber Management on each apartment building DOES NOT COVER RESIDENTS' PERSONAL PROPERTY in the event of fire, flooding, wind damage, theft or from other events causing loss or damage. Renter's Insurance can be obtained at a nominal cost from most insurance agents. Students may find that their personal property is covered under their parents' homeowners policy.
10. FURNISHINGS: Furniture provided with the rental unit must remain in the rental unit for the term of the lease and may only be removed by Gruber Management. Written authorization will be required before any resident is allowed to install air conditioners or any type of ceiling or wall mounted fixture.
11. CAMPUS OFFICE: 625 South Forest. Front door on the porch. You may use the mail slot next to the front door to return completed applications but follow this up with a call to one of the numbers above and never put cash through the slot.
12. WEBSITE: Visit our website at grubermgt.com.